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Deadly Sins of a Sales Professional #1

Post by Building Champions on Aug 13, 2015

This week starts our examination of The 7 Deadly Sins of a Sales Professional. The first sin – apathy, can wreck any sales professional’s dreams of reaching their goals.

Apathy is defined as a lack of feeling, emotion, interest or concern. It is seen as a state of indifference.

When we get disappointed or rejected in our sales profession, oftentimes our prescription is apathy, because it feels better to disassociate ourselves from the emotion that may have made us feel bad. 

For example, I had a client that was trying to build her referral partner base. She called many potential partners but was met with a whole lot of nothing. Eventually, in order to ward of the emotional discouragement, she stopped caring. She quickly turned apathetic to the situation which, in turn, put a stop-sign on her prospecting activities. She hired me to be her accountability partner, so I was paid to speak truth into her life. Because of this, she eventually stopped calling for her coaching sessions. She had come to a stand-still in her business and knew that I knew why it was happening. It wasn’t until I made that hard phone call and addressed her apathy, that she saw the true affects of this sin. She has since become more conscious of when apathy starts taking over and uses activity to overcome the desire to fall back into that sin trap. She is now a successful sales professional with many great referral partners.

The thing is, all people experience apathy sometime in their life. Being disappointed or rejected are all real life elements, and apathy serves its purpose to help us cope during these situations.

The sin is not in never being apathetic. The sin is pitching your tent in apathy’s camp.

So, be cognizant of when apathy is setting in and allow yourself to grow from disappointment and rejection, versus shutting yourself off and quitting on reaching your business goals. You will be better off for it, trust me.

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